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This “Black Mirror” episode isn’t the worst reality

  • By Ofir Bracha
  • April 3, 2020
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Who knew?!

The writing was on the wall and we all ignored it.

A “Black Mirror” episode coming to life.

And I don’t think its a bad thing!


Well, up to the end of the decade we lived in an abundance age, everything is easy and in reach, the economy blossom and the rupture between the classes were bigger than ever.

And then it came, COVID-19, or as we like to call it “the Corona-virus” we had no choice we had to adapt and fast. Our loved one, became our only one, and human direct interaction outside the family can be deadly, so we adapt.

Online groceries, online job employment, and business meeting were never so casual, hell, one of the headlines on March 25th was about a startup that raises 600M USD in the first round without the VC board member meeting the startup team even once in real life.

It’s definitely a new world out there, and I can’t wait to get to see it again but I’ll know that it’s not the same as it was.


The world became smaller!

It took a worldwide quarantine to teach us that we evolved and business is not tied with direct contact.

Yes, the technology was there long before Corona spared but, we needed a world-class event to change our habits to continue to prosper.

A few rules for this new world:

  • If you want to keep your business you must go online, if you can’ t generate revenue with no human touch, it’s going to be ruff!
  •  Social media can’t contain all human interaction, we need to say our mind in the related context, not in a post for a bunch of people with not much to do.
  • It must be easier to interact with people outside our online social circle.
  • If you can’t do it online it either medical or not worth doing!
  •  The Bitcoin return! hey, it’s our global village we need a global currency.
  •  Content consumption became social, even Netflix got it and now we can host a binge party on our living room TV screen and remotely enjoy it with friends.
  •  Take the time to listen, pause a moment and let others raise voice and share opinion.

Nowadays, I find myself with double the knowledge and no one to discuss it with, I can promise you my social media circles definitely not interested in my reading materials.

Talking with strangers is the way to go, commenting on articles and sharing my ideas NOT in social media but, directly in the comment section for the articles, there my thoughts will find the relevant people to discuss it with.

For me to be able to share, the domain needs to support commenting and other social tools we usually get in social media Luckily for me, more and more domain managers understand the need and implement such tools.

The most important priority is keeping safe, the next is to keep interacting with other people our humanity compel us to do so, and finally, make it easier for others to reach you use domain commenting and share.

For all of you domain owners out there, it your duty for this war in COVID-19, to implement such tools and let strangers talk with one another.


Stay safe.

Stay connected.

Stay at home.