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Power of comments on social media for building your brand

  • By Sergei Kosiachenko
  • October 26, 2020
  • Comment

Have you left a comment recently?

Why did you?

It’s very interesting to see these behaviors from an owner and business perspective, but even more so from a creator. These comments show the flow and energy around a topic. The more emotion that is attached the greater the comments. That doesn’t mean all comments will be true reflections of the content, but instead that the content / community felt encouraged to leave a comment.

Comments mean someone literally took a part of their day to share their thoughts. In an interview with Old Navy, the CEO reinforced that these comments are so important they literally have them streaming in the office. Kendra Scott (has a billion dollar brand) shared she uses the comments as a way of being with her community and customers. Why wait for 6 month old data in reports when you can, for free, seek out such comments.

The leading branding and marketing companies in the world, and icons, emphasize these comments are oxygen for their brands. I would expand that to being fuel too.

Bottom line — these are gold.

Value of Comments

Comments = the current reaction of the consumer to your content.

Comments = help YOU the owner to steer the brand and product to fit the marketplace mindset

Comments = more comments and attention which naturally has the opportunity to lead to expanded reach, better branding, and ultimately a bigger impact.

Why is everyone negative?!

Let’s just cover the hate..

Hateful comments exist, so you must decide how to navigate. In a community where you have grown a vibrant focus on positivity and encouragement, these hateful comments are organically shut down. They exist though, and you’ll have to manage these — true to your brand. Some reply others ignore .. your choice, be authentic.

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How to win followers and build your brand on Social Media with Comments

We now see the real benefits comments can provide to grow and build our brands. Let’s get into the practical actions and how to: