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Outreach Link Building: 5 Tips for Getting More Quality Links in 2020

  • By Sergei Kosiachenko
  • August 13, 2020
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Outreach Link Building: 5 Tips for Getting More Quality Links in 2020

You are a hard-working person who has labored tirelessly to create beautiful content, amazing products, user-friendly websites, and successful business models. However, without the proper marketing tools, your audience and reach will be significantly limited. In order to avoid this problem, it is vital to create strategic marketing plans that will assist you in sharing your hard work with a wider audience.

Link building, the process of creating a link to your content and website through a third party site, is a valuable tool for spreading your message and increasing your website traffic.

Link building can be accomplished through a variety of different ways, but outreach is one of the strongest methods. At the basic level, outreach involves contacting people directly in order to get them to share your content or link to your page.

So, what are the methods and rules for outreach link building that will lead to more quality links?

1. Create Quality Content

Without quality content, you will be unable to achieve quality links. People are unwilling to share or link to subpar content on their websites because it is not mutually beneficial.

Creating quality content involves understanding the purpose of your content. If you write with no clear direction or goal in mind, your content will not attract a large audience. In order to fully grasp the purpose of your content, you must consider your competition and your target audience.

Research your competition to see what topics and types of content they are posting. Take note of what they do well and what could be improved. Use this knowledge to enhance your own writing. Fill in the content gaps you see in your niche and capitalize on the hot topics present in your industry.

Evaluate your target audience to comprehend what their needs, wants, and expectations are. If the answers to these questions are not closely considered, then your content will quickly become meaningless. Your audience is the whole reason behind your content, so make sure they are getting what they desire.

In addition to researching your competition and audience, learn about what types and styles of content people are interested in. Ultimate guides and lists are popular choices because they are informative and easy to read.

The more you understand the expectations of your niche and audience, the better you will be able to not only meet but exceed those needs in your content. Other websites will be more willing to share your content if they support and believe in the quality of content you are producing.

2. Reach Out to Others

Reaching out to others seems like an obvious answer in an article about outreach link building, but this boils down to the most basic steps of getting your content out there.

In order to reach out effectively, it is necessary to do your research. If your content is not relevant to the site you are trying to get to link to your page, it will not result in a quality link.

The best way to understand where you want your content posted is by studying your competitors. Look up where their content is linked or posted. These niche publications are an ideal place for your content to thrive, especially since you already know they support content like yours.

Once you have compiled a list of possible websites and blogs that your content will succeed on, reach out. This can be accomplished via email. Create personalized and informative emails to ensure that your message is not lost in an over-cluttered inbox, and make sure to send it an optimal time.

The basic step of figuring out who to contact and reaching out to them directly is essential to gaining quality links that will aid in your success.

3. Consider Guest Blogging

Guest blogging or posting is a fantastic tool for link building. This process involves reaching out to others and asking if you can write a piece of content for their website or blog. Within your article, you add a link to your own content which significantly assists in boosting traffic to your website.

9 Perfect Blogging Tips for Bloggers Who Just Started

To successfully guest blog, you must first know what sites or blogs would also consider and benefit from working with you. If you guest post on websites that are unrelated to your website or content, it will not help you gain positive attention or links.

Revisit your list of the websites your competitor posts on, and consider reaching out to them. Niche publications are perfect platforms for you to build relationships with others in your industry and create quality links. The Definitive Guide to Link Building is a great resource for gaining a better understanding of link building through guest blogging.

4. Build Broken Links

Frequently, you will come across an article that appears to contain a timely link to another piece of content; however, when you click on that link, you are quickly informed that the link is broken. Rather than being disappointed, view this situation as an opportunity.

Broken link building involves discovering links that need to be replaced and reaching out to those websites to offer your own content as a replacement.

To find relevant broken links, utilize tools that will help you quickly peruse niche websites to uncover broken links. Contact the website or author, inform them that their link is broken, and ask if they would be interested in you producing a replacement link.

If they say yes, you may be able to use content you already have if it is applicable, or you may have to create something new for the situation. However, if the website’s specialty aligns with your own, then any new content you have to create will only benefit you in the long run.

5. Unlinked Mentions

Sometimes a website or writer will mention you in their content, but they will not actually link to you or your website. This can be frustrating because your website is getting some attention, but without the actual link, you are only halfway to your goal of creating more website traffic.

To solve this issue, you must first discover places where you are mentioned without an actual link. There are various tools that can help you sift through this type of information quickly to find important websites and articles where you should be linked.

After you realize where your links are missing, reach out to the owners or writers of that website to see if they will add a link. Generally, because they already know who you are and support your claims, getting this link should not be too difficult. You just have to be willing to put in the time to figure out where your important links are missing.

Outreach link building is an effective marketing strategy that will help you heighten your website traffic and gain visibility through high-quality links.

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