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Best CRO Practices To Double Your Revenue

  • By Sergei Kosiachenko
  • October 13, 2020
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Best CRO Practices To Double Your Revenue

In recent months, Conversion Rate Optimization ( CRO) has seen a boost in popularity. If you are in the communications business, you might have heard about it before and ignored it as just another fad or buzzword that will pass away eventually.

In fact, according to a latest study, 68% of organizations don’t even have a CRO strategy that is documented.

However, CRO is no buzzword that will fade away or will be replaced by a new terminology. CRO is crucial for a business to attain and measure their success.

In this blog, we will discuss what exactly is CRO and how it can be used to double your company’s revenue.

What is CRO?

Optimizing the conversion rate is the art and science of optimizing your website to allow further usage of the traffic the site already gets. Put, converting more of the visitors into clients.

This could vary from allowing more web visitors to send their email information for newsletter updates, eCommerce purchases, downloads from media bundles, incoming phone calls etc.

Let’s assume you own an eCommerce platform, for instance, that sells organic honey. Despite providing a well-designed site with enough content, you still don’t get users to turn to consumers.

CRO will come into play here and begin by evaluating the conversion funnel, which is the user experience from the homepage to the product page to checkout and finding key places where the users drop off.

After that, user testing is essential to obtain insight into why the clients don’t move. These experiences show some consumer anxieties while they are on the web, which factors deter them from shopping, some UX problems that can be solved etc.

This test is a crucial factor in knowing the customer base’s personality and can not be ignored.

You will then take the insights you gather from studying the consumer behaviours on your site and adapt it based on those points to ensure that your users are effectively guided and motivated on their way to checkout.

The critical thing to note here is that CRO isn’t there to help you attract more traffic to your web, it’s there to enable you to get the best out of the traffic you have already.

Why Is CRO Important For Your Site?

Without CRO, you may very well have a roaring flood of users streaming to your web, but if those users don’t turn into sales, what’s the benefit of those users?

Being willing to step back from the platform and have a good view of the wants, desires and preferences of the customers will not only help you to connect with them properly, it will also allow you to discover new ways to keep them on board to convert to your platform.

CRO Loves Data

Here will be a clear example of the value of CRO; either it’s as complicated as revamping the site, or it may be as easy as putting a button, and in the situation of Nature Air, it was the latter.

The smallest items will also have the most significant results, as they learned while attempting to improve their conversions to primary web pages:

Call to Action (CTA) buttons are a core component of e-Commerce pages, offering the customers enticing and accessible nudges along the web migration route.

Therefore their location is of immense significance, even if the customers can’t see the call to action, how can they convert?

Nature Air, a Costa Rican airline, noticed this and asked if on any of their most visited sites on their web they could get more sales. In these pages, they looked at their user experience data.

They noticed that although there was enough insightful material, the call to action was not clear on the website automatically until the user scrolled down.

By merely shifting their CTA button to a more prominent place above the fold, they improved their conversions by 591 per cent, demonstrating that the more obviously the call to action is on the website, the more likely the users can press the button!

Here, data is the big key and grabbing your customer insights should be a priority now, if not already.

For most advertisers, Google Analytics is the primary data beast of choice, and with good reason; accurate and straightforward to use (after a few rounds in the ring), it provides all the essential details you need to see what’s gone wrong with the web.

And therefore, Google Analytics is only the tip of the iceberg for CRO.

How Does CRO Work With SEO To Grow Sales?

Now we all understand why SEO is essential to webmasters; the key to success in this practice is to optimize, update and engage.

SEO focuses on improving your search engine site (hence the name) and focuses on improving site ranking to push it up to the # 1 spot in SERPs. Arguably, it is one of the most common ways for increasing website traffic.

conversion optimization

Now if you’ve only performed SEO on your site, you’d undoubtedly see a spike in traffic as your site climbs up the SERPs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more conversion rates on your site, i.e. more sweets sold.

SEO brings noise/traffic to your site, and CRO takes the traffic to the checkout page and guides it through your site. Now the pair is irresistible!

Here are six CRO tactics, which will concurrently engage leads and raise sales.

Review Your Customers

If you have practiced CRO at all, you know exactly how important it is to know your target audience. One strategy for ensuring your landing page satisfies your target audience’s expectations is to interview them.

Give a Guarantee

They could never have heard of your brand before when a new lead lands on your website. Especially if they arrive through a friend’s suggestion, they may ask if you’re trustworthy.

One fast way to convince leads to the assurances being kept is to provide a money-back guarantee.Offline Tactics on Branding

Although most of your CRO tactics are likely to be for online activities, don’t leave out offline branding techniques that transform users into customers.

Consumers don’t often discover their e-commerce site from Facebook or a search on Google.

Include Testimonials

Consumer testimonials are successful at catching the interest of consumers by 89%

Reading snippets of how others feel of your products is a valuable medium that tells real customers how they use it and how they enjoy your product and company.

Check your Site

Evaluate each update using A/B testing as you add new elements to your landing pages and your conversion funnel.

Although you can make an informed assumption about CRO updates, you can not know for sure how consumers will react to improvements before they do so.

Build Longer Pages

Before they part with their hard-earned dollars, people need to be persuaded. Longer landing pages encourage you to answer the first-time consumer’s concerns at home.

Long landing pages receive as much as 220% more leads as short-form pages do.


Nowadays, advertisers need to be able to comprehend who they’re talking to, what the needs of their customers are or why they’re behaving in a certain way.

That is why SEO and CRO fit together so well; they need each other like yin and yang to expand the website and turn it into a money-generating machine.

It’s not easy to develop the right conversion rate optimization plan for your company, but with an expert team working for you, it’s easy to do it.

The best thing about CRO is that it is quickly applied to your current marketing strategy and integrates with your current SEO wonderfully.

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